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Main Cities Population
Taipei   2,654,000  
Kaohsiung   1,416,000  
Taishung   833,000  
Tainan   703,000  
Panchiao   539,000  
Chungho   387,000  

Total population (millions): 21.2
Source: World Bank 2004

Urban population: 57.30%
Source: World Bank 2004

Average annual population growth: 1.00%
Source: World Bank 2004

Surface area (km²) : 36,000

Population origin

Origin of the population % Of the population
Mainland Chinese
14 %
2 %.

Local time

It is %T:%M %A in Taipei



Official language: Chinese mandarin, although the Min Nan Hua Taiwanese (dialect of the South of Fujian) and the Hakka (indigenous language) are widely spoken.
Business language: English.

Free translation tools in Taiwan :
Babel Fish
Free English-Chinese-English translation of texts and web sites

Free English-Chinese dictionary


Religious practises : Buddhism: 43% of the population, Confucianism: 31%, Taoism: 21% and Christianism : 7%

Political system

Taiwan is a presidential republic. Under the authority of the President of the Republic of China, official name of Taiwan, appear the different instances of the power composing the politico-administrative machinery of the central government: the Legislative Yuan, the Executive Yuan - the government equivalent, the Legal Yuan, the exam Yuan, the control Yuan. Taiwan has diplomatic relations with 27 countries.
The ruling party is the DPP (Democratic Progressive Party) whereas the main opposition party is the Kuo-Min Tang (KMT).
Capital City: Taipei
President: Chen Shui-bian (DPP), reelected on March, 20 of 2004.




Number of visitors in Taiwan 2002 2003 2004 World rank
Number of visitors (1000) 2978   2248   2950   n.a.
Source : World Tourisme Organization, data available in November 2005


Tourist sites

-The Jade Mountain
-The national Palace Museum
-The Alishan Mountain .

For more information about tourism in Taiwan , check out the following web site(s) :
China Tourism Bureau


Traditional dishes

The hundred years eggs: it is a popular dish and in great demand. Eggs are left ageing for two months or more in a mixture of mud, which is rich in lime, tea, ash and bicarbonate of sodium. Their flesh then becomes translucent, of a green - bluish color. They are often served as a starter. The Shangha?s hundred years eggs are famous in the world. You will find them in Asian food stores.
Spring rolls: small pancakes stuffed with rice. The stuffing depends on the available ingredients, the chef's tastes, etc. As a matter of fact, there is no definite recipe and it can go from the most simple to the most elaborate dish.
Peking duck : the original recipe is very complicated. First of all some air is inserted between the skin and the flesh. The duck is then coated with a sugar syrup and then dried in open air and cooked in the oven. The drying in open air is then repeated and the duck is then roasted.
Spareribs in black beans sauce: pork-based recipe, it is very tasty, this dish is light in fat. The red hot peppers are optional, according to the preference for spicy food or not. It is generally served with a white rice.

Food-related taboos

Culinary taboos are different from one religion to another.

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