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     CMTouch Information&Technology.Co.,Ltd. In Guangzhou, China. We are mainly design and produce  touch screen glass and membrane switchkeyboard which is especially used in HMI,Kiosk, Pos, Medical Machine, Touch LCDmonitor and many other part which need touch screen and membrane switchkeyboard. We can also designe with your sampleor request.

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CMTouch Information & technology Co.,Ltd 


 Mobil:+86-1382612 5071

Phone:+86-137 6334 1328

CMTouch sale all of the ELO touch panel areall new outfit product.

E584800 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-001-0H0-R
E609525 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-001-0H0-R
E562901 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-002-0H1-R
E490695 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-002-0H1-R
E093343 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-003-0H1-R
E439348 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-003-0H1-R
E161577 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-004-0H1-R
E440123 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-004-0H1-R
E205053 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-008-0H1-R
E234850 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-008-0H1-R
E647180 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-010-0H1-R
E585459 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-010-0H1-R
E794713 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-PT0-0H1-R
E963280 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-PT0-0H1-R
E083805 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-R4H-0H1-R
E449387 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-R4H-0H1-R
E461966 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-RAD-0H1-R
E277557 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-RAD-0H1-R
E814647 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-W01-0H1-R
E055550 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-Z01-0H1-R
E314634 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-W04-0H1-R
E195170 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-Z04-0H1-R
E212465 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-Z01-0H1-R
E055550 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-Z01-0H1-R
E243039 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-Z02-0H1-R
E281859 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-Z02-0H1-R
E640635 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-Z03-0H1-R
E234385 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-Z03-0H1-R
E444930 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-Z04-0H1-R
E195170 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-Z04-0H1-R
E241813 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-Z05-0H1-R
E580514 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-Z05-0H1-R
E727418 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-Z06-0H1-R
E142580 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-Z06-0H1-R
E493095 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-Z08-0H1-R
E373854 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-Z08-0H1-R
E013172 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-Z09-0H1-R
E267183 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-Z09-0H1-R
E802415 SCN-AT-FLT15.0-Z11-0H1-R
E093889 SCN-A5-FLT15.0-Z11-0H1-R
E435653 SCN-AT-FLT15.1-001-0A0-R
E628765 SCN-A5-FLT15.1-001-0A0-R
E857614 SCN-AT-FLT15.1-001-0A1-R
E421378 SCN-A5-FLT15.1-001-0A1-R
E743468 SCN-AT-FLT15.1-001-0H1-R
E266217 SCN-A5-FLT15.1-001-0H1-R
E472548 SCN-AT-FLT15.1-003-0H1-R
E631320 SCN-A5-FLT15.1-003-0H1-R
E809928 SCN-AT-FLT15.1-004-0H1-R
E062939 SCN-A5-FLT15.1-004-0H1-R
E452025 SCN-AT-FLT15.1-005-0H1-R
E535215 SCN-A5-FLT15.1-005-0H1-R
E191671 SCN-AT-FLT15.1-007-0H1-R
E479132 SCN-A5-FLT15.1-007-0H1-R
E895848 SCN-AT-FLT15.1-ADS-0H1-R
E641618 SCN-A5-FLT15.1-ADS-0H1-R
E247570 SCN-AT-FLT15.1-OPT-0H1-R
E216972 SCN-A5-FLT15.1-OPT-0H1-R
E656925 SCN-AT-FLT15.1-W01-0H1-R
E891026 SCN-A5-FLT15.1-Z01-0H1-R
D30900-001 SCN-AT-FLT15.1-Z01-0H1-R
E729880 SCN-A5-FLT15.1-Z02-0H1-R
E951451 SCN-AT-FLT15.1-Z01-0H1-R
E891026 SCN-A5-FLT15.1-Z01-0H1-R
E919018 SCN-AT-FLT15.1-ZPM-0H1-R
E966270 SCN-A5-FLT15.1-ZPM-0H1-R
E710508 SCN-AT-FLT17.0-005-0H1-R
E159197 SCN-A5-FLT17.0-005-0H1-R
E195238 SCN-AT-FLT17.0-Z01-0H1-R
E927790 SCN-A5-FLT17.0-Z01-0H1-R
E452919 SCN-AT-FLT17.1-W01-0H1-R
E509854 SCN-A5-FLT17.1-Z01-0H1-R
E389515 SCN-AT-FLT17.1-Z01-0H1-R
E509854 SCN-A5-FLT17.1-Z01-0H1-R
E705468 SCN-AT-FLT17.1-Z02-0H1-R
E299849 SCN-A5-FLT17.1-Z02-0H1-R
E823186 SCN-AT-FLT17.1-Z03-0H1-R
E676428 SCN-A5-FLT17.1-Z03-0H1-R
E759246 SCN-AT-FLT17.5-002-0H1-R
E959545 SCN-A5-FLT17.5-002-0H1-R
E144216 SCN-AT-FLT17.5-003-0H1-R
E966125 SCN-A5-FLT17.5-003-0H1-R
E535555 SCN-AT-FLT17.5-Z01-0H1-R
E656210 SCN-A5-FLT17.5-Z01-0H1-R
E302149 SCN-AT-FLT19.0-W01-0H1-R
E863464 SCN-A5-FLT19.0-Z01-0H1-R
E915523 SCN-AT-FLT19.0-Z01-0H1-R
E863464 SCN-A5-FLT19.0-Z01-0H1-R
E893208 SCN-AT-FLT19.0-Z02-0H1-R
E682252 SCN-A5-FLT19.0-Z02-0H1-R
E091313 SCN-AT-FLT19.0-Z03-0H1-R
E531684 SCN-A5-FLT19.0-Z03-0H1-R
E098144 SCN-AT-FLT19.0-Z05-0H1-R
E757465 SCN-A5-FLT19.0-Z05-0H1-R
E66256-001 SCN-AT-FLT19.0-Z05-0H1-R
E166730 SCN-A5-FLT19.0-Z06-0H1-R
E863534 SCN-AT-FLT18.1-001-0A1-R
E889901 SCN-A5-FLT18.1-001-0A1-R
E619490 SCN-AT-FLT18.1-003-0H1-R
E968598 SCN-A5-FLT18.1-003-0H1-R
E131954 SCN-AT-FLT18.1-005-0H1-R
E910215 SCN-A5-FLT18.1-005-0H1-R
E860994 SCN-AT-FLT18.1-W01-0H1-R
E374999 SCN-A5-FLT18.1-Z01-0H1-R
E449221 SCN-AT-FLT18.1-Z01-0H1-R
E374999 SCN-A5-FLT18.1-Z01-0H1-R
E802367 SCN-AT-FLT20.1-Z02-0H1-R
E288906 SCN-A5-FLT20.1-Z02-0H1-R
E154992 SCN-AT-FLT20.4-001-0H1-R
E093011 SCN-A5-FLT20.4-001-0H1-R
E895952 SCN-AT-FLT21.3-001-0H1-R
E073119 SCN-A5-FLT21.3-001-0H1-R
E818684 SCN-AT-FLT21.3-Z01-0H1-R
E791860 SCN-A5-FLT21.3-Z01-0H1-R

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1. Thickness : 2.1± 0.15mm 2. Rated Voltage : DC 5V 1mA 3. Operating force : 60-150g R0.8 By pen 4. Connector Resistance : 20MΩ ↑ @ DC 25V 5. Tran...

Guangzhou CMTouch Information & Technology Co., LTD

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