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This device is powered by solar energy, and makes use of sound waves to repel dangerous snakes.

By emitting sound waves, the Frequency Conversion Solar Snake Repeller drives snakes away very effectively without harming them. The sound waves will irritate them, simulating danger, and repels them away from the irradiated area. The snake repellers work as follows: For the first two days, it will emit a Di sound for 3~5 seconds, long intervals, for approximately 50 seconds. For the second two days, it will emit a Di Di Di sound for 3~5 seconds, long intervals for approximately 50 seconds. For the third two days, it will emit aDi Di Di Di Di sound for 3~5 seconds, long intervals for approximately 50 seconds. From the seventh day on it will recommence to repeat the seven day cycle. Even if solar power is temporarily unavailable it will continue to work for up to 3 days on the stored battery charge.

The Solar Snake Repeller is effective within an area of 650 square meters. It radiates in all directions. Avoid any solid obstruction that prevents the sound waves from emitting freely. To make the best use of the unit, we strongly recommend installation of 2 units at 30 meter intervals for effective control especially in areas frequented by snakes.

The Solar Snake Repellers power is supplied by a solar cell, and a rechargeable battery stores the power for night time operation. When the battery is fully charged, it can supply enough power for after dark hours. This ensures continuous around-the-clock operation.


Please note:

First, check the ground surface before using it. Frozen soil, irrigated or waterlogged ground is not suitable. Dig a hole in the ground to insert the device. The density of the soil will greatly affect the effectiveness of the device. The more solid the earth, the better the device will function.

WARNING! No hammers should ever be used in the installation process.

To prevent damage to the device, no excessive force should be applied when installing the repeller.


1.       Connect the cable with socket from the spike to the corresponding socket in head tightly. (refer to the photo below).

2.       Fix the spike and the top together.

3.       Insert the spike into the ground, remembering not to use excessive force in case this may damage the unit and also be careful to avoid any obstructions in the soil.

Technical data update:

The device uses computerized inching control technology that is combined with the signal output with DC charge function. The socket (refer to above photo) is not only the signal output socket, but is also a DC charger. This new technology application gives better, longer life and more effective operation. The variation in sound pitch prevents snakes becoming accustomed to the sound waves making it superior to most other snake repellers.


Power supply: solar energy cell, long-effective Ni-Cad cell recharged by solar energy.

Frequency: 400HZ-1000HZ


1.       The base of the top needs be exposed, taking into account variations in the terrain ensuring water does not extend above the save line (note illustration).

2.       Before first use, place solar panel in direct sunlight for two days before connecting the cable. This ensures the battery is fully charged and effective before inserting the unit into the ground.

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