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500w Grid tie solar inverter GS004 Technical Data:

Grid-series models: 500W
Recommend use solar panels: 620Wp
DC Maximum Input Power: 600W
DC maximum voltage: VpvDC30.2VDC
DC voltage range: Vpv 10.5V~28VDC
Maximum output power factor: 99%
Maximum input current: 30A
AC output power: 500W
AC maximum output power: 500W
Anti-voltage protection: Fuse
AC standard voltage range: 90V-140/180~260VAC
AC frequency range: 55Hz~63Hz/ 45Hz-53Hz
Output current total armonic distortion: THDIAC <5%
Phase: <1%
Islanding protection: VAC;f AC
Output short circuit protection:  Current-limiting
Status Show:  LED Light
Standby Power: <2W
Night Power: <1W
Ambient temperature range: -25 ℃~60℃
Humidity: 0~99%(Indoor Type Design)
Waterproof: Indoor Type Design
Electromagnetic Compatibility: EN50081.part1   EN50082.part1
Power System Disturbance: EN61000-3-2 EN60950-1
Network test: DIN VDE 1026
Net weight: 1.3kg
G weight: 2.0kg
Size: (L x W x H) 21 x 16.5 x5.3cm
Package: (L x W x H) Inner box:34x25x15.5CM / Big box:51x37x33CM
Installation: Wall hanging
AC power cord length: 1.8m
Cooling: Cooling Fan
Show: 1 Red Green LED

500w Grid tie solar inverter GS004 System Function: 

directly connected to the solar panels (do not need to connect the battery)
Using precise MPPT function, APL functions, the inverter automatically adjust the solar panels of maximum output power,simply connect the solar panel to the grid inverters. Do not need to connect the battery.

AC 0 angle with high precision auto-detection
AC phase angle of 0 through isolation amplifier then input to the MCU for high-precision detection and analysis. The phase shift rate is less than 1%, thus achieve high-precision with phase modulation AC output together.

Synchronous High-frequency Modulation
In the process of the grid, usually adapt the same phase angle in parallel. (ie, When the two-phase alternating current total is equal to 0.Use switch to combination the two AC fusion) and the product is rectified AC half-frequency AC to 100Hz first, then the machine use the high frequency current in the circuit and semi-100Hz frequency alternating current generated combination, to achieve high-frequency modulation.

Pure Sine Wave Output
Use SPWM directly to make pure sine wave output.

Automatic Sensing Function Solar Luminosity
Use the latest luminosity perception operation technology. The different illuminate angle and intensity of the solar panel will produce different current output. Use advanced CPU to operate the different illuminance and the data can be directly displayed on the LCD. Then you can visually see the sense of the strength of the sun unit. Used more convenient.

Power Automatically Locked (APL)
In different current fluctuations, we should use the MPPT function. When the MPPT function adjusted to the maximum power point, the product automatically powers locked in maximum power point, then made the output power more stable.

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
Because the current intensity and the voltage changes at any time, if there is no power point tracking, there will be a lot of problems. In the past time, usually adopt a solar controller, but this product uses high-precision MPPT operation power, automatic and immediate adjust the solar panels output power at the  maximum output point, then achieve a stable output purposes.

Automatically Adapt To Different Load Power Factor
Adapt to any of the power load.

Constant Current, Constant Power
This product is constant current, constant output power, without any overload, over-current phenomenon.

Automatically Shut Down When The Power Output Of a Fault
When the city power system is in failure, the inverter will automatically turn off the output.

Current Limit Protection
Current limit

Stack Multiple Machines
Multiple small power inverters in parallel can achieve large output power.

High-Frequency High Conversion Rate
Adapt high frequency converter, the output more efficient.

500w Grid tie solar inverter GS004 Features:

1. DC Input System Voltage: 15-60V.

2. Solar power inverter for home and commerical PV systems

3. For home solar power systems, it can run several appliances and still provide plenty of pure, clean power for the sensitive loads. Ideal for powering appliances, electronic equipment like TVs, stereos and computers, is suitable for a range of applications.

4. For large PV projects, Shengyang microinverter, a DC to AC energy conversion device can be mounted on the back of each solar module. Shengyang microinverter performs the power conversion and Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) function as a central inverter. Unlike large power inverter, which must be installed separately on the PV racking system, Shengyang integrated microinverters arrive at a job site preinstalled on solar modules- significantly reducing installation cost and complexity.

5. Shengyang microinverter can be operating under the harsh conditions encountered on the back of a solar module. And because there are no DC cables to install and no exposed DC wires on the roof, the Solar Module system is also safer, and simplify installation to deliver the lowest levelized cost of energy.

6. Guarantee that grid compliance is accomplished while avoiding the purchase of costly additional equipment.
7. Shengyang microinverter includes proven technology that has enabled over of renewable power to be connected to the grid worldwide.

8. Highest Energy Harvest: Through maximum power point tracking (MPPT), Shengyang microinverter optimizes the output of each solar panel. By minimizing energy losses due to variable shading and soiling. with no DC components to install, it will be simplest and most fl exible solution for rooftop PV installations, it will lead to eliminating the need for costly DC components. In addition to energy harvest and installation cost benefits, Shengyang microinverter is a safest solution for PV system. with no high-voltage DC cables to install and no accessible DC wiring, small power inverter have advantages in safety over large power inverter on PV systems.

9. The Shengyang's combination of performance, features and competitive price provides the best small inverter value on the market.

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