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Filter disc,(the metal mesh filter), also known as the oil film, filter, fiber assembly

It is composed of different mesh metal net and support network integration and after wrapping process and made

1.Average filtration :5-80um;
2 with flow, high efficiency filter;
3 The main specifications are: 40/20, 65/30, 90/30, 90/45, 125/60, 155/70, 175/90;
4 filter material: phosphor bronze wire, stainless steel plain weave net, twill net and stainless steel Wire Mesh Filter

According to your drawing with exact specification.

Mainly for the oil filter and filter vessels, diesel engines and other equipment hydraulic system filtration, and chemical fiber industry, textile and synthetic fiber and synthetic fiber spinning nozzle with various types of anterior and other similar conditions, the textile impurities in liquid filtration.

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