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The 6th China Int’l Mobile Phone Industry Exhibition & Seminar

Show Organizer (s):
Event Date (s): Jul 09, 2008 - Jul 11, 2008
Hours: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Venue: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
Address: Fuhua 3rd Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province.
No. of Exhibitors: 500 , History Record: 486(in 2007)
No. of Attendees: Over 50,000 visitors attend the show

Exhibition Floor Size:
18,000 , History Record: 12,000(in 2007)
Phone: 86 - 139 - 16251946
Fax: 86 - 13 - 916251946
Products and Services Focus
China Mobile Expo was launched in Shanghai and has kept fast growing during the past 6 years. The brand expo will be moved to Shenzhen, the Capital of Mobile phone, from 26th to 28th November, 2008. Since its establishment, the expo has grown up to be a prestigious event in the industry. With approximately 500 exhibitors and 50,000 visitors in 2007, China Mobile expo becomes the largest professional exhibition in China. It shows the developing trend of the industry and provides a large platform for the transaction and exchange of the insiders. With its high level of internationalization, it attracts attention of the media from home and abroad. Thanks to the resources and successful experience accumulated during the past 5 years, China Mobile Expo will attract many international brand names to show their images and quality buyers from home and abroad will be invited to the event. We expect your appearance and share the brilliant success!
General Information
Scope of Exhibits 1. Mobile Terminals: Mobile phone brand manufacturer, design company, ODM, OEM, EMS manufacturer, outsourcing processor, manufacturer for handset, PDA, digital camera, palm PC, and mobile TV, etc. 2. Related Parts & Accessories: (1) Semiconductor parts & IC circuit: chip, chip design, image sensor, electric silicone, modem, semiconductor part, integrate circuit telecom, digital communication network application technology, etc.; (2) Display parts: mobile phone display, LCD, LCD back light source, back light module, reflector, PMMA, PC, LCM, LCD and module, metal mask, filter, lens module, mobile phone lens, and all sorts of sheet materials for decoration, etc. (3) Packaging accessories: adhesive tape, sealing pad, optic acryl sheet, communication part, coating product, filming, labeling, label, nameplate, trademark, panel, back-light protection screen, paper printing, mobile phone outer pieces, leather case, hanging adornments, and antistatic packaging products, etc.; (4) Rubber & plastic products and configuration parts: mobile phone module, mobile phone shell, mobile phone key, electric membrane, plastic product, plastic mould, rubber and silicone product, membrane switch, module-cutting product, stamping and printing ink coating, mobile phone glass window, plastic plating part, and mould design, etc.; (5) Circuit board connection: soft circuit board, flexible circuit board, print circuit board, PCB, FPC, base, connector, wiring, conductive silver paste, insulated material, optic material, face panel, computer and related OEM product, SMT, etc.; (6) Power supply & batteries: power supply product, high-frequency product, battery, battery core, power switch, mobile phone charger, etc.; (7) Electronic components: capacitor, resistor, loop, filter, light part, sensor, optic component, loudspeaker, diode, triode, crystal oscillator, resonator, antenna, electrets capacitive microphone, sheet, magnetic material, mobile phone microphone, earphone, and receiver, etc.; (8) Connectors and invertors and accessories: receiver, speaker, socket, connector, insert base, terminal, vibrating motor, motor, data cable, mobile phone lens and camera module, wire module, encoder, electronic switch, etc.; (9) Metal products & stamping pieces: precision mould, metal product, precision metal stamping piece, plating, precision plastic injection, assembly and package, back light source, conductive board, hardware part, axes, shield device, etc.; (10) Related equipment and others: automatic equipment, inspection equipment, marking machine, laser cutter, die cutter, test equipment, membrane material, plastic and chemical material, other related equipment and machinery, etc. Participation Fees(Note: A 20 % surcharge will be levied for reservation of booths with 2 facades.) 1. Standard Booth: 9 sq. m. (3m × 3m) Domestic enterprises: RMB11,800/Booth Joint-venture enterprises: RMB 16,000/Booth Overseas enterprises: USD3,800/Booth Each standard booth consists of 3-sided partitions (white color), fascia board with company name in Chinese and English, 1 power socket (no more than 500W), 2 fluorescent lamps, 1 information table, 2 folding chairs, carpet and wastepaper basket, etc. 2. Raw Space: (Minimum 36 sq. m.) Domestic enterprises: RMB 1,200/Sq.m. Joint-venture enterprises: RMB 1,600/Sq.m. Overseas enterprises: USD 380/Sq.m. The raw space consists of a show area, carpet, security and booth cleaning service. 3. Exhibition Service Fee: Each attendee is charged RMB500 Yuan for exhibition material, exhibitor’s badge, lunches, souvenirs and seminar tickets, etc.
Attendee Information
Over 50,000 visitors attend the show
Exhibitor Information
Approximately 500 exhibitors participate in the expo

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