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B.I.T.S 2008

Show Organizer (s):
Event Date (s): Nov 03, 2008 - Nov 06, 2008
Hours: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Venue: Nassau Whyndam Resort and Crystal Palace
Address: Cable Beach, Nassau
No. of Exhibitors: 175
No. of Attendees: Atendees include local merchants seeking to become dostributors to Florida and the rest of the Caribbean

Exhibition Floor Size:
2 787.09
Phone: 1 - 242 - 393-7374
Fax: 1 - 242 - 393-7374
Products and Services Focus
This year we will be featuring Chinese manufacturers who wish to establish trade relationships with merchants in the Caribbean to serve as distributors on their behalf.
General Information
B.I.T.S - China (Bahamas International Trade Show) 2008 will focus on merchants from China. This years aim is to to establish direct trading with China and the Bahamas allowing Bahamian merchants to serve as distributors for Chinese Manufacturers to the rest of the Caribbean. Taking advantage of our State of the Art Container Port in Freeport Grand Bahama and our Free Trade Zone, we will show local merchants in both the Caribbean and Florida how they can shop China Direct and move goods duty free to their final destination. We also hope to establish excellent trade relationships with Chinese Manufacturers who benefit by having their goods advertised and represented for them in this region. Once trade relationships have been established ATCAL Management will serve as the hub by which supplier and buyers can move their goods safely and effectively. With a combined population of more than 39,499,394, the Caribbean is a massive market of potential for both Manufacturers and Merchants alike! The trade show will run for four (4) days and will focus on training as well as establishing trade relationships. Space is limited as there are only a select number of booths allowed for each industry. Manufacturers who wish to apply are advised to contact ATCAL Management no later than April 15th. All Manufacturers will be screened before being invited to be a part of B.I.T.S 2008. For Trade Show info including travel arrangements, accommodations, booth costs etc. please write to newleveltech@coralwave.com. or call or send a fax to 1-242-393-7374 Attn: Adelle Nicholas Coordinator.
Attendee Information
Atendees include local merchants seeking to become dostributors to Florida and the rest of the Caribbean
Exhibitor Information
Please contact ATCAL Management for further information on how to become a part of the trade show

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