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2010 The 18th DEX Electronic Exhibition & Photonics Exhibition

Show Organizer (s):
Event Date (s): 23 Jun 2010 - 25 Jun 2010
Hours: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Venue: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
Address: Fuhua 3 Rd, Futian District, ,Shenzhen P.R.C
No. of Exhibitors: 45000 , History Record: 800(in 2009)
No. of Attendees: 60000 , History Record: 59250(in 2009)
Exhibition Floor Size:
45000 , History Record: 45000(in 2009)
Phone: 86 - 0755 - 83502448
Fax: 86 - 0755 - 8350243
Products and Services Focus
Electronic LEDElectrical Equipment & Supplies Electronic Components & Supplies Lights & Lighting
[Synchronization] 2010 China International LED(Shenzhen) Exhibition BENEFITS OF PARTICIPATION 1.Invitation to buyers If an exhibitor brings his products to a fair without receiving any interest from customers, it is hard for him not to complain. If a visitor, who comes from very far to purchase something, can not find what he needs, he then can only go home with empty hands. These problems can be resolved radically as follows: (1). To put over 80% of our strength in organizing professional buyers By untiring efforts of seven years, E-Dowell Company now has owned a huge database of buyers. More than500,000 of visiting tickets will be mailed, sent out and presented as a gift. Professionals will be invited for visiting and ordering. (2)To set up an information service department to organize visitors. An information service department was set up in August of 2001 by E-Dowell company, so as to collect specially information of the industry and professional buyers. The department will invite, through variable channels and ways, those professionals and experts to attend the exhibition. The quality of the fair can be improved this way. (3)Exchange before the exhibition To put all the information about exhibitors, products that exhibitors will exhibit, and exhibitors' booth number on a brochure and sent out in large quantity one month before the fair so that there is no lost in purchasing. (4)To invite buyers pertinently to have a purchase We will require exhibitors to fill out a detailed information table. Those buyers that the exhibitors hope to meet with will be the focus of invitation.
General Information
Scope of Exhibition ` Electronic Assemblies, Contract electronic manufacturing (OEM,ODM,EMS,etc) 1. Electronic equipments of producing, assembling and maintenance; 2. Wiring harness equipments, Cables processing equipments; 3. SMT, welding equipments, electronic tools; 4. Semiconductor packaging, Industrial automation, Instrumentation, Test equipment, etc. a Electronic Components 1. Electronic materials, electronic chemicals ,etc; 2. Electronic components and parts; 1 : Socket,connectors, switches, cables; 2 : Capacitors, resistors, potentiometers, inductors, coils; 3 : IC, diode,triode,multi-polar tubes,PCB; 4 : Electronic transformers, relays, sensitive components and sensors; 5 : Electronic ceramic and parts, transistors, electronic tubes; 6 :Crystal, frequency elements; 3. Others b Laser products 1, Laser cutting machine, laser marking machine, laser engraving machine, Laser anti-forgery, Laser rangefinders,etc. 2, Laser materials, laser crystals, etc. 3, Lasers, laser applications and other laser products. c. Automotive Electronics 1, Vehicle communication and navigation. 2, Car audio and video entertainment. 3,Automotive safety products. 4,Automotive electronics and appliances d. Mobile phone accessories 1,Mobile phone parts suppliers; 2,Mobile terminal manufacturers; 3,Core modules 4,Digital communication products, Internet notebook , 3G mobile communication technology products,etc. e. Special Exhibition Areas ºWiring harness equipments, Cables equipments,SMT; ºCables,Connectors and Switches; ºAutomotive electronics,Mobile phone accessories; ºInstrumentation, Laser; EXHIBITION TIME SCHEDULE Show Time 8:30--17:30,June 23 rd to 24th,2010 8:30--16:00,June 25th,2010 Preparation Time 9:00--17:00 June 21st,2010 9:00--22:00 June 22nd,2010 Move Out 16:00--22:00, June 25th , 2010 Exhibition Charge Type 9m2booth Open space Special decoration Manage charge International USD2000 USD200/m2 USD10/m2 9m2 RMB10000 RMB1000/m2 RMB10m2 6m2 RMB7000 RMB1000/m2 RMB10m2 Standard booth: one table, two chairs, one socket, and one waste bin Ex: Advertisement on the exhibition catalogue Film for advertisement should be at the size of 210mm X 285mm supplied by the exhibitors Cover RMB26,000 First page RMB9,000 Back Cover RMB16,000 Color, full page RMB3,000 Inside Cover RMB9,000 Color, half page RMB1,800 Inside BackCover RMB7,000 Black white RMB1,800 Ticket 1,000RMB/10,000PCS Arch door RMB3,500 Balloon RMB 2,800 Ground balloon RMB2,800 BANK ACCOUNT Please complete the contract, clear the payment issue within one week and fax the bank invoice to Dowell. Shenzhen E-Dowell Industry Co., Ltd Bank Name: Industrial and Commercial Bank,Shenzhen Bay Branch Account No.: 4000 0277 1920 0016 455
Attendee Information
Auto Industry, Aerospace Industry, Telecommunication Instrument, Toys and Gifts, Household Appliances, Consumer Products, General Engineering Technology, IT & OA Product Manufacturers, Medical Equipments, Instruments and Meters, Mould Manufacturers, Hardware Product Manufacturers.
Exhibitor Information

Many brand enterprise from Switzerland, Sweden, Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, USA, Israel, Austria, Estonia, Japan, Korea, Singapore and China mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.,

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