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Dakar International Construction and Public Works Trade Show 2010

Show Organizer (s):
Event Date (s): 01 May 2010 - 04 May 2010
Hours: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Venue: Dakar International Builders Trade Show 2009
Address: Foire Internationale de Dakar
No. of Exhibitors: 250
No. of Attendees: 2500
Exhibition Floor Size:
Phone: 001 - 608 - 5546196
Fax: 001 - 630 - 8391994
Products and Services Focus
Construction Heavy Highway Roads Water Supply Water Treatment
Welcome to the DAKAR International Construction and Public Works Trade Show 2010, (Dates: August 2nd through August 5th 2010) the concept of this construction exhibition stems from the needs of both US and West African markets: the West African market needs newer products and more efficient construction systems while the US market needs more channels of sales and distribution. This trade show would be beneficial to both markets, it will be the first of its kind in the region and will complement both markets in several areas: economical, technological, strategic and social.
General Information
The choice of this location is strategic since Dakar is easy to access from any African country (airline flights to and from all African nations), it is a city very exposed to foreign influences whether US or European which makes it very cosmopolite. A large number of the population is fluent in English. The City of Dakar and its officials are very receptive to the event. The exhibition will focus on the construction and public works sector, a sector vital for the African countries (still in a building stage). Population growth in rural and urban areas requires a large need for various infrastructures and habitat in the region.
Attendee Information
Sub-Saharan Africa construction industry professionals, government officials and industry leaders from 16 West African nations
Exhibitor Information

North Amercian Construction and Public Works professionals

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